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hey guys. so, i know this is kind of a weird thing for me to do, but i’ve been feeling very upset and depressed lately and this is something that’s been a part of my stress for a while now. and now that i have been told what had really happened, i want to try and find some hope from the situation.

so, the three cats you see above were my precious kitties L.B. (the silly chub), sweetie (cutie fluffy), and max (tiger boy uwu). i loved them with all my heart and they meant everything to me. we adopted max as a kitten, and we adopted sweetie from an animal shelter showing when she was about 2 years old. L.B. was a tiny homeless kitten we found near our old apartment complex. he was only about 6 weeks old at the time we took him in. L.B. is a bit of a loner. he doesn’t like to be held or pet, and has a tendency to lay flat on his back. if you go to rub his belly, he’ll likely attack you. but he’s a cute and sweet lil boy at heart. sweetie was a lil shy sweetheart. she loved affection and being pet, but not so much being held. she was very vocal, and would wander around the house meowing until someone played with her or loved her. she was also fairly skinny. she had kittens about a year after we took L.B. in, but unfortunately we couldn’t take care of six cats, so we had to give them away. max was a real angel, and he was the one i personally felt most attached to. he loved me. he would always run to me when i came home from school, then jump up on the recliner so he could lay on my lap and fall asleep when i sat down. he loved to play with bird toys, and was an amazing jumper. when he was after something out of reach, he would make a strange clicking sound with his throat until he was able to get it. he never really meowed, only made little noises from time to time. he was energetic and sweet and silly.

we had them for a while until things started getting worse for my family. my mom and i just kept getting more and more depressed, and my sister was, well, more annoying and self-centered. we often would argue over who cleaned out the litter boxes, since no one really wanted to. they were down in the basement where it was dark and there were likely spiders, which are a big fear of mine. my back and knees would also hurt and ache very badly whenever i had to clean them, so i didn’t want to. my sister felt like she was too good to be cleaning litter boxes, so she didn’t do it. my mom was struggling herself, and she couldn’t motivate herself enough to do it. my dad was the only one that worked, and he doesn’t like any animals in the house to begin with, so he expected one of us to do it. but we didn’t. so sweetie would sometimes go somewhere else, and it would make my dad mad. but it got so much worse when poor little max got a bladder infection. he would go wherever, and that encouraged the other two to do the same. no matter how much we cleaned, it always smelled like cat pee in the house. and it drove us nuts, especially my dad. he even locked them in the basement for days on end to get them to use the litter box instead, but it wouldn’t do any good since max was still sick.

it wasn’t until my 14th birthday that i realized i couldn’t hear the cats in the basement anymore. i looked to see if they had been let out, but i couldn’t find them anywhere. i asked my sister where they were, but she wouldn’t answer me. that immediately set off red flags. i kept looking and trying to convince myself that i was wrong. when my parents came home, i asked them. they didn’t answer and changed the subject completely. that scared me even more, and i was so scared about it that i didn’t even enjoy my own birthday. the next day, i asked them what really happened before i left for school. eventually, they gave in and told me that they had gotten rid of them. all three of them, gone forever. i didn’t even have the time to cry because my bus was almost there.

i tried looking for them in shelters by checking what pets they had up for adoption and which ones were already adopted, but i never found either of them. i asked my mom which shelter she brought them too recently, because i was fed up with the months of searching. and then when she didn’t answer me, i knew something was definitely wrong. i asked her to tell me the truth, because i wanted to know what happened to them. but i had no idea it would’ve been so bad. apparently, they had gone to every single animal shelter in the area, and not a single one would agree to take them in. my dad was threatening to leave us if we didn’t get the cats out of the house. so my mom did something that haunts her to this day. she drove them all out to Camp YNoah, and released them into the forest. i don’t want to think about what has happened to them. it’s been hurting me physically to think about for weeks now, and i just can’t take it anymore.

so, what i’m asking, is if anyone has seen these three cats at all. whether at a shelter, along the roads, or maybe you’ve even known someone who found them and took them in. i just want to try and find evidence of what happened to them after my mom let them go. please, please, if you live in the uniontown/green/springfield township area of ohio, or somewhere close by, and you have seen one or more of these cats, to PLEASE let me know, and perhaps provide a link if it’s a shelter they’re at? it was a little more than a year ago that they were abandoned, i know they could’ve gone anywhere, but any help would mean the world to me.

some identifying facts:

sweetie has a black dot on the right side of her nose. one of her eyes is also a bit discolored and runny from a disorder she was born with. the fur around her tail could be a bit shorter than the rest because she was shaved there for a matted clump of fur.

L.B. is obviously a chubby kitty. his fur is rough and short instead of soft like most other cats. there’s an area of brown fur near his belly, that you can see in the picture. he also sheds quite frequently, and has a distinctive, almost raspy-sounding meow.

max is a little chubby, but is very energetic. he makes a clicking sound very often and otherwise only makes a tiny noise for a meow. he was left when he had a bladder infection, and he had a very obvious fever. he likes to lay on his side, completely outstretched, and sometimes he covers his face with his front paws. he has a bit less of an “M” shape than most other egyptian mau cats.

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    Reading this makes me so angry. Your family sounds like pieces of shit, especially your mom for lying and not telling...
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    This is so sad :( I will keep your kitties in my prayers as well as you
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